COVID-19 statement (updated Sept 2021)

Entry and attainment figures for the years up to and including 2019 are derived from different awarding approaches than 2020 and, separately, 2021. Comparisons of entries, attainment volumes and attainment rates should only be made with full consideration and recognition of each of these different approaches. Full COVID-19 statement.

Insight Advisors

In person support in using Insight is available through our Insight Advisors.

Advisor Offer - More information on what the Advisors can offer.
Resource to Support Analysis of 20/21 Data - The Insight Advisors have prepared a resource to assist users in their analysis of 2020/2021 results.

Introduction to Insight

Initial resources to help you navigate, use and understand Insight.

Fundamental Concepts - A quick refresh of the fundamental concepts you need to use Insight
Navigating Insight - A quick start guide to using Insight's menus and features
Glossary - A comprehensive lists of terms used in Insight and the guidance documents

Guide to Insight's measures - A measure-by-measure guide of key features and usability

About Insight - Background to Insight as a benchmarking tool
Insight Tariff Note - Details of Insight's Tariff Scale
Tariff Calculator - Quickly calculate Insight Tariff Points for the most common courses and units
Literacy and Numeracy Briefing Paper - Literacy and Numeracy in a policy context
Frequently asked questions

Using Insight

In depth resources looking at a particular aspect of Insight to help support improvement in your school

Deep Dive 1: Course Comparator - Comparing attainment in SQA graded courses
Deep Dive 2: Recognising Achievement - Capturing wider achievement in Insight
Deep Dive 3: Guide to Insight Tariff - Using Insight's tariff scale to understand attainment
Deep Dive 6: Deprivation Data - Using deprivation data to inform improvements in learning and teaching
Deep Dive 7: Destinations - Linking attainment to post-school participation

Going Further

More technical and detailed information for an advanced understanding of Insight can be found in our Technical Guide

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the changes to the guidance materials. You can get in touch with us via email .