Insight Tariff Point Calculator

This simple calculator is designed to help you quickly calculate Insight Tariff Points for the most common courses and units. It doesn't work in all cases, for example for Bac-IP and OU YASS courses.
How to use it
You need to know the SCQF credit points and SCQF level for your course or unit. If you're unsure your award provider should be able to tell you these. Tick the Course Weight box if this is a full course and has a course assessment element (e.g. added value unit at National 4 or course assessment at National 5 and above). You should also select this if the course has been assessed as having 'added value' - this applies to Foundation Apprenticeships, Skills for Work, Ungraded National Courses, National Certificates, National Progression Awards and Scottish Vocational Qualifications. Finally, select the appropriate result and click Calculate tariff points
SCQF Credit Points
SCQF Level
Course Weight

Tariff points: