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Insight is the benchmarking tool for analysing attainment data in the senior phase, accessible by secondary schools and local authorities. There are two releases of Insight per year; the September Update provides yeargroup based attainment data for previous sessions. The February Update adds initial leaver destinations data for those leaving school in the previous academic year, facilitating the analysis of data at the point of exit from the Senior Phase. The most recent update is the February 2024 update.

Advisor Support

Information on the support available through the Advisor, including how to request support sessions, can be found through our Insight Padlet (scroll along to "Advisor Support" and "Contact" sections). Please email the Advisor if you require further information.

Understanding and Using Insight

Guide to Using Insight - A step-by-step, measure-by-measure, guide
Insight Tariff Ready Reckoner - For SQA National Courses & Units
Tariff Calculator - Calculate points for SCQF units and courses
Literacy and Numeracy Measure - A paper highlighting what contibutes to this measure
Getting started - Logging on, user settings, landing screen and help pages
Tariff Points - Using points to understand attainment
Virtual Comparator - What the VC is and how to interpret it
Surfacing Attainment - Finding your awards and identifying what others are offering
Course Completion Rate - Using Breadth & Depth to surface how well learners are completing their courses

Deep Dive 1: Guide to Insight Tariff - Using the tariff scale to understand attainment
Deep Dive 2: Recognising Achievement - Capturing wider achievement
Deep Dive 3: Deprivation Data - Using deprivation data to inform improvements
Deep Dive 4: Key Attainment Areas - Using Insight to understand impact of recent improvements
Deep Dive 5: Destinations - Linking attainment to post-school participation
Deep Dive 6: Tracking Attainment Gaps - Interrogating how different cohorts perform
Deep Dive 7: National and School Presentation Rates - A how-to guide to finding presentation rates at school and national level

Going Further with Insight

Deep Dive 8: Using the Analytical Dataset - Using the Dataset to enhance your Insight analysis (includes guide to importing the Dataset and its codes)
Deep Dive 9: Course Comparator - Comparing attainment in SQA graded courses
Deep Dive 10: Learning Partners - Linking with other centres to aid partnership working
SCQF Credit Points filter within Breadth and Depth - Paper to explain the addition of a new filter to Breadth and Depth measure
Technical Guide - For an advanced understanding of Insight


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