Insight Advisor Support 2021

The Advisors use live school data to demonstrate how schools can go beyond the accountability measures of Insight and move into data intelligence; unpicking the data and identifying the improvement messages that lie below the headline measures.

Insight Advisors

The two Insight Advisors for Scotland; currently Lewis Paterson and Fiona Lawrence; provide frontline support, free of charge, to schools, local authorities and other stakeholders.

The Insight Advisors have prepared a resource to assist users in their analysis of recent attainment data.

Engagement with a school (in-person or virtual) can include:

  • An initial session with SLT - this allows a deep look at the whole school picture across a wide number of measures. Focus on what the tariff points mean in terms of pupil attainment.

  • A slot with Subject Leaders (and others with a raising attainment focus) and their Link SLT member- focusing primarily whole school attainment through the "Attainment for All" measure and exploration of selected subject level measures. Translate what the tariff points mean in terms of pupil attainment, and how each subject contributes to whole school attainment.

  • A slot with Pupil and Learning Support (and others with a Pastoral focus)- focusing primarily on "Destinations" and whole school attainment measures through the "Attainment for All" measure. Translate what the tariff points mean in terms of pupil attainment, and how pastoral support contributed to whole school attainment

  • Support for HT/SLT in the use of the Analytical Data Set - the database that underpins Insight, made available to Local Authorities following each Update. The detail that is in the analytical data set can make an Insight session more valuable since it allows a focus on specifics. In particular, for smaller schools and others with different local contexts, it supports a dual focus of the whole school picture with a real understanding of how individual pupil attainment effect each measure.
  • Engagement with authority can include:

  • Working with authority teams to ensure a thorough understanding of the Insight picture across relevant schools.

  • Supporting individual staff in advance of a school engagement to upskill and build confidence in using Insight.

  • Support to upskill authority staff in understanding and using the analytical data set.

  • A slot for the ASN team or similar to understand how filters in Insight can support understanding of various cohorts of pupils.
  • New for the Sept 2021 release:

    A suite of training materials which will allow inter school/RIC Insight training to be delivered without one school having to be the focus. It will also include an anonymous analytical data set which will allow us to encourage and support the use of the data set without individual pupils being identifiable.

    How to book a session

    This support is in high demand, so we encourage colleagues to contact the Professional Advisor team via email to discuss both support requirements and availability. For updates on current Insight activities please see our Twitter account @InsightUpdates.